Constructions Projects

“We don’t build houses, We build the Dreams”

    Mr and Mrs K Lal have been a good and long-term customer with Remax Interiors. Their 4BHK villa was established with the teamwork of skilled and experienced labourers with whom we’ve been working long. From the diversion on 2700Sq ft land, the materials, and equipment we made it available on the best price that included Woods, Bricks, Blocks, Concrete, thatch, ceramics with quality based fabrics. The base of strong formation depends on the choice of rocks to build it organised and well-structured. The metals our craftsmen made it available in no time geared Remax to prove itself the best home designer in Delhi NCR.

    NIT 3, Faridabad, 2700 Sq ft, 4 BHK villa

    Mr and Mrs Joneja owned a marvellous 5bhk luxury bungalow on 7000ft area. The bungalow stands out in the entire sector for its visual delight of designing even from exterior structure. The construction of outer maximum lies on the supplies of masonry, bricks, sand, ceramic, stones and glasses to beautifully cement the designs by our masons’ efforts. The solid materials like stainless steel, aluminium, brick slips, zinc helped the solid walls to stand out bigger and taller. This Sec 49 house of Faridabad has become a landmark for everyone with one of the best home interiors design in India.

    Sec. 49, Faridabad, 7000 sq ft, 5 bhk luxury bungalow

    Mr and Mrs Gera from Sec 15 of Faridabad dreamt of having a perfect house where even the washroom gets the maximum attention for its designing. The maximum usage of mirrors and glasses reflects the utmost and unique works of substances. Those polished concrete flooring needed great attention with the right amount of pouring the concrete in the required level and polishing it in detailed and careful efforts. The process from sealing to the drying is now reflecting our hard work. The tiles even on the walls were actually designed with the bonded ceramic dealers. Remax also counts high as the best office designers in Delhi.

    Sec. 15, Faridabad

    The Himachal resort on the land of Himachal with different soil fertility had other demands to set up an exotic resort from the ground level to furnish the interiors. Remax had put itself into the soil to bring the best home interior in India. The local labourers were easy and well aware with the conditions to sections the plot and built it with our set of styles. The resort is situated in an open area. We manufactured the concrete blocks and cement bricks, etc. along with other designs into it over there. The temperature also ruled us out to paint the world which grabs the attention in every climatic condition.